Upload your song for us to mix


Thanks for trusting us with your mix! To make sure we are as efficient as possible, I would ask you to follow the few guidelines below to prepare your song for the mixing session. This will allow us to get your mix done more efficiently and get it back to you much quicker.

  • Please do not send any ProTools (or any other DAW) session. Please export each tracks.
  • If a Click (metronome) was used, include a MIDI file for me to import the tempos (if drums or bass are MIDI, then that should import it correctly).
  • Every track should be consolidated from zero until the end of the session. This is to make sure everything lines up correctly once it has been imported.
  • Please insure that all mono tracks are sent as mono WAV files. Please do not sent MP3 files. Most files will be mono (guitar DIs, individual drum mics, vocal tracks, bass tracks). The only things that are usually stereo files are drum overheads\room mics, certain effects and synth tracks, and anything that was recorded with two mics.
  • If the drums are in MIDI, please include a MIDI map so I know which midi notes go to which drums.
  • Also, included a rough MP3 mixdown of the session for me to reference as I’m setting up my session. Feel free to include any songs from other bands that you want me to use as a mix reference.
  • Please send all files in the same sample rate\bit depth that they were recorded with (usually 44.1\24 or 48\24). Be sure to include which sample rate\bit depth you used in a Word Doc or some sort of notepad file that you send along with the session.

Track Naming Guide

Please follow this organisation pattern while creating the folder to deliver  (see example below):

  • Create a folder for every song
  • Create a Track folder where all the multitask should be. Please use the legend below to categorize your tracks.
  • Create a Reference Mix Put the rough mix and all the songs you want me to use as reference in that folder.
  • Create a Notes folder where you can add a word document with the sample rate\bit depth you used to record the tracks as well as any notes you want me to see before mixing, and the midi map and midi file.

Once the folder is ready, make sure you have COMPRESSED or ZIPPED your song folder and labelled it in the following format: band name_song name

You can now send me the song through WeTransfer or GoogleDrive


Thanks for you help in making my work more efficient. I really appreciate it.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to call me or email me!

You can get a PDF version of this here.



d = drums

dd = digital drums

b = bass

g = guitars

v = vocals

s = synths/keys

fx = effects

p = Percussion


Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 9.50.21 AM